Little Dragon perform “Little Man” in Cape Town.

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Soul Features: Lianne La Havas | Tease Me (Feat. Marques Toliver)

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Szjerdene - Go

The Station Sessions has featured another gifted songstress to their impressive roster, Miss Szjerdene. Singers need to be on the look out for this North Londoner. Her crisp/light tone certainly elevates the bar for those to come. There’s a subtle nuance that captivates your soul as the first note escapes her lips. You might know her from her collaboration with Mar for Avril 14th, the heart-wrenching tale which explores how a couple manages a crippling tragedy.

If you’re seeking mindless pop songs, do not apply here. Szjerdene strays away from a commercial sound stating: “There are formulas for being a pop star,” she divulges, “if you follow the criteria you’ll do okay. But I learned that it’s not the route for me. I respect those who choose it; but I would rather write my own material, and collaborate with artists spanning different genres/languages while making music that’s not always conventional to the commercial ear”.

While we’re waiting for her debut album to finish, you can enjoy more sounds by her neck of the woods.

—Julie @thesouldigger—


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Everyone! Please watch and share this video - my friend just showed it to me and I had no idea about any of it. Everyone needs to watch this now. 

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You’re not “niggas”.

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